FAULK [fÉ”:k] is a new band from Østfold/ Viken, Norway, suited for the big scenes. They present catchy melodies in a big rock music soundscape. The mix with folk music makes the sound unique. The lyrics about lived life give you words to relate to.

Faulk is releasing their first English album «Men» September 20th 2020, with a pre listen event the 19th. The album will have punch and power, and a big dose of black humor, as the guys share their feelings about how it is to be a male “or human“ in today’s society.

Vocalist Per-Øivind Johannessen (PØJ) writes all lyrics and vocal melodies. The band all together, Michael Krumins (guitar), Kristian Torp (bass) and Lars Erik Asp (drums), create the music. Michael and Kristian are main composers and arrangers. On «Men» Anders is hired to play Hurdy Gurdy. The album is recorded at FMV studio in the Old Town of Fredrikstad, Norway, with the well known Kyrre Fritzner as contributor to the sound, mix and master. 

The concept album «Men» takes you through a 12 song long journey that starts and ends with a longing for unity, respect and love. Through the album you will meet a frustrated man searching for goals and meaning. He sees the importance of being present and alive, but struggles with mindlessness. Relationships are difficult. Through the phoenix experience he finally finds himself in peaceful ashes. He raises again, and understands that death and rebirth is a cycle that repeats itself thorough life. Will it be lessons learned and a fresh start – or history repeating?

«Faulk – Men» will be released digitally on all platforms.
The album will also be distributed physically through an art book «Faulk – Men». It will be a double page for each song: A painting by PØJ, photographed in Norwegian nature, frames the lyrics. The book also contain facts about the album making, band photos, contributing musicians etc.

Faulk was, in the early try out, on UrTur Spring/2016 tour in Østfold Norway. This was supported by Østfold County and host communes. They have played live on «Glommafestivalen» in Fredrikstad and other venues in southern Norway.

Faulk has used the last couple of year to write songs and produce the coming album in peace and quiet. Now they are ready to get out there. Stay tuned.

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