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Stay silent for a while
Restore and reconcile
Here where vibrations quake us alive

Soon every thought will die
And ground will touch the sky
In this harmonic power of now

Reunite, resurrect
Refresh and incarnate
Substance of emptiness: Let me be met

Harmonize. pay my debt
Recognize, let me get
Peace in the silent power of now

I am
I am
Silent night

No need to search for more
Forget what was there before
The future and past is not now, for sure

All I’ve been searching for
The key that unlocks each door
Is found in the vital power of now

The holy grail of love
The source of life, somehow
Is found in the vibrant power of now

I am love
I am light
A white dove In the silent night

Lyrics: Per-Øivind Johannessen
Music: Michael Krumins, Kristian Torp & Per-Øivind Johannessen