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Your eyes are wide and clear
You found the magic sphere
You’ll settle here, I fear
Your truth is here – Oh dear 

You see the Holy Grail
You sense a fairy tale
I know I’m dim and pale
I fall. I fail. 

I have no force to mend or fix
I have no magic bag of tricks 

I’m no freaking wizard
I’m not able to fix you
You think I’m a wizard
Me oh my. Oh you, oh you 

You’re clinging onto me
You trust I set you free
Like I possess the key
I wanna flee – Oh me 

Cuz I am vague and small
I am a bluff, a fall
A knocked down pedestal
A silent howl 

The truth you seek does not exist
We coexist in common mist 

I’m no freaking wizard … 

Your core has been shaken
You’re crawling on your knees
My trophy is taken
Now give me peace 

I’m no fucking wizard …

Lyrics: Per-Øivind Johannessen
Music: Michael Krumins, Kristian Torp & Per-Øivind Johannessen